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Chapter 20 From the New World


Smply proceed forward, down the tower into Yggdrasil’s core, defeating all the guardians. As usual, once you see the entrance to DigiLan, save and heal up, because the final boss fight is right after!2015-04-09-215955 2015-04-09-222241 2015-04-09-222408


And that’s the end of the game! Here’s a list of things you can do post game:

-Complete the Royal Knights quest

-Complete 7 Demon Lord Quest

-Complete Offline Colossuem

-Complete your DigiDex


Note: Here’s a video which shows you how to go straight up to the top floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building with no detours. 

2015-04-09-120156 2015-04-09-120423

Head to Tokyo Metropolitan Building, and go to the top floor.


After the 2 boss battle, speak with Omegamon to head into the Digital World, or speak to Alphamon to head back to office.  

Chap 19 end

OPTIONAL: According to JP wiki, you can speak to Arata to get his quest, which requires you to go to Under Zero to help him with something. The wiki says if you complete this quest, Arata will be more helpful in the final boss fight. I have yet to try this myself. 

2015-04-09-105941 2015-04-09-110128

This goggle thing is your Digivice


Once in control of Nokia, simply walk out of the area. You will be transported to Eden of Beginning.2015-04-09-110658 2015-04-09-111406

Walk to where the playground is, and investigate the crack

2015-04-09-115216Boss fight again Lordknightmon again, after which you’ll be back in office. 

Chapter 18 End

2015-04-09-103345 2015-04-09-103421 Head to Akihabara 2015-04-09-103534 Head into the Digital Shift, boss fight at the end of the dungeon2015-04-09-105109 2015-04-09-105713 Arrive at Eden of Beginning. It looks exactly like Cron 1, so make your way back to the entrance area. 2015-04-09-105745Head south a bit more for a bunch of cutscenes.

Story Summary:

Upon exiting the office, Arata calls to tell MC that Suedo told him a weakened Examon has returned to Odaiba, and wants to help MC defeat it, but MC is to come alone to defeat it. Upon reaching, Arata tells MC that he’s just using his new found power to consume data, digimon, and humans alike, simply because he’s hungry. He also ‘remembers something that has been left undone’ and thus needs all these power to settle that. After the battle, Arata admits that he is probably being used by Suedo, buthe doesn’t want to think too much and just correct what happened 8 years ago.

Back at office, Kyouko (remarks that Magnamon is watching over Examon just in case) and discusse Arata’s situation with you, saying that he will pose as the newest threat, but nothing can be done right now. Yuuko contacts MC saying that she has managed to find Rie/Lordknightmon at Akihabara, and requests MC to go over to help. MC and Yuuko meet Lordknightmon, who tells them that she had no desire to kill Yuuko’s father at first. But while merged with Rie, Rie’s own desire and jealousy affected Lordknightmon, which made her even happier to learn such feelings of being able to crush other human beings. In the end, who is to blame for Rie/Lordknightmon’s actions? Rie or herself? Then she points the blame to the 5 children who entered the Digital World 8 years ago: Yuugo, Yuuko, Nokia, Arata, and MC. These 5 children opened up a pathway to the DW which resulted in the first Eater entering the DW.

Yuuko and MC both got very confused because they have no memory of such a thing happening. It turns out that their memory could have been stolen away like the Eden researcher previously. After the battle, MC loses consciousness and start to remember what happened previously.

During the beta test of Eden, the 5 children met for the first time, and had loads of fun playing in Eden. As MC follow the path backwards in this area called “Eden of Beginning”, you will realise that it looks exactly like Cron 1, except it’s in pristine white and not delapitated. It even has a cute sign witha smiley face no a face with “Welcome to Eden” on it, with a proper playground. The children all want to stay and play here forever, until they saw a crack in the space, and they all stepped into it.

Meanwhile back in the real world, Yuuko discovers that MC is missing, but could only find her Digivice (the googles thing is actually a Digivice)

Chapter 16 Diver City Dragon – Dragon’s Nesting Island

Note: Diver City is a shopping mall in Odaiba, Tokyo, Japan,  where the famous 1/1 Gundam statue is at. 

2015-04-07-105639 2015-04-07-110200

Head to Odaiba


Walk in to fight Examon, but unable to defeat it due to the overwhelming power.

Go to Cron 1 to chase after Yuuko
2015-04-07-180252 2015-04-07-180457

After receiving the call, head to Cron 4 2015-04-07-180513

Disable the lvl 4 Firewall (you will need 4 ultimates and above)


Go through Cron 5, ending it with a Boss fight.  Once back at the office, head out to the 1st floor

Check the info board, then go back to office. 

Accept this quest2015-04-08-170753 2015-04-08-204116 2015-04-08-204144

Simply go around each floor and talk to everyone


Quest complete. 

Go to the 3rd floor to find Beat. 


Go back to office to accept the quest


Go K-cafe and speak with everyone. 


Head up to K-cafe again after realising that the old man only goes to the shop early in the morning. 2015-04-08-214411 2015-04-08-214536

Connect Jump in

Collect all the key words from the blue glowing lights at each of the dead end,  Use the keyword 「ミー子」on Beat.

Quest complete.


Walk out of the office to receive a call about Examon

2015-04-09-102247Head back to Odaiba to fight Examon. 

Chapter 16 end

Story Summary:

The group confronts Lordknightmon, who reveals to the group that infiltrated Kamishiro, helped Suedo with his research to achieve her goals of beinga able to control Digital Wave. She also blames Yuuko’s father for creating Eden, which allowed ‘those kids’ to enter the Digital World, allowing the first Eater to enter the Digital World. All the allied Royal Knights gathered to try and take down Examon, but failed to do so, resulting in Examon flying off to rampage other areas. After the battle, Arata attacks and consumes a weakened Dukemon. The battle plan was a great failure, and the group regroups back at the office.

Kyouko points out that such a large Digimon like Examon would definitely consume a lot of energy, and rampaging like this would deplete its energy source even faster. She suggests to distrupt the source of the energy, which are Digital Waves travelling along Digital Lines converging at Cron 5.Yuuko runs off first, leaving Nokia wondering if Yuuko was really angry over thism but Kyouko points out that Yuuko simply hates to lose, especially when it comes to something important like finding out the truth behind her father.

Once at Cron 5, MC finds Yuuko stuck at a wall, unable to progress. MC worries over Yuuko, but in a fit of anger, Yuuko lashes out at MC, telling MC that she didn’t ask for anyone to fret over her, and that she didn’t ask for MC to become friends with her. Suedo cuts in their conversation, and the discussion turns to what Suedo has done to Arata. Suedo replies that he has simply help Arata achieve what he wanted, which was to gain power to fulfill his needs. Suedo got Arata to merge with a Eater, and continue consuming Data to gain more power. Suedo was also pleased to announce that the data he gained from the time when Yuuko merged with an Eater was extremely helpful in successfully making Arata fuse with an Eater. He was pleased with the results of this “evolution”.

Suedo explains that he’s here to ask for a temporary alliance:Suedo will open up the way for the pair, but requires protection frmo the wild Digimon and any possible forces sent by Lordknightmon. His reason for this was that Lordknightmon wishes to destroy this world, but Suedo wants the world to evolve, and thus wants to stop Lordknightmon. He also adds that he was the one who developed the Digital Wave controlling program, and knows how to stop it. Yuuko and MC agrees, and they go through Cron 5, only to find Craniumon, another of the Royal Knights protecting the coverging area. MC defeats Craniumon, and the energy supply to Examon was distrupted.

After the battle, Yuuko questions Suedo on her father, about what Lordknightmon said was true. Suedo replies that they “should not dig up old memories, its enough that only Arata has to do so”. The pair leaves the area feeling puzzled over Suedo’s words.

Back at office, Yuuko leaves after reporting what happened. Kyouko tells MC that Yuuko has most probably developed multiple personalites, due to various needs like “being a good daugther chasing after her father”, “leader of a team of hackers”, and now “trying to save the world”.

Kyouko asks MC to take a look at the noticeboard in Nakano Boradway to see what the citiznes are up to. At the noticeboard, MC finds messages left there, citing some strange happens in Nakano, and blaming the detective agency for all these strange happenings.

Back at the office, Kyouko puts up a request in the Nakano Broadway Management’s stead, which was to find out the cause of all these strange happenings. Working with the Occult team, they try to find out the truth between these 4 strange happenings: “Three Legged Matthew” , “Rattle rattle”, “Death Reaper Elevator”, “Mr Scraggly”. MC works with the Occult team to find out the truth, which turns out to be an old man with a walking stick taking a stroll at 4 am , then taking a rest at K-Cafe.

Peat goes missing right after, and MC accepts a quest from ‘An Old Man’ to look for his missing cat. MC finally got to meet the old man at 4am in the morning at K-Cafe. The old man tells MC that his missing cat in the wall. MC suddenly experiences an earthquake, but after checking with Kyouko, Kyouko deduces that that was no normal earthquake, but an influx of Digital Wave at Mc’s location, and MC felt the disturbance due to MC’s digital body. Peat appears briefly and told the old man to not look for him anymore. Kyouko tells MC that the influc of Digital Wave is from the old Intranet of Nakano Broadway. MC Jumps into the intranet, and discovers the truth behind all these: The old man’s name was Yoshita, who’s in charge of the vaccum tube computer at Nakano Broadway decades ago. He left his family previously and has been living at Broadway. Peat’s previous name was Miiko (a cat), and was Yoshito’s only friend. During the time when the computer room at Nakano was decided to be sealed off, Miiko was trapped inside and sealed within the room. Miiko died inside, but transformed into a Digimon most probably due to the effects of the ley lines. Miiko awakened only recently also probably due to the influx of Digital Wave. Kyouko asks whether MC wants to find out the truth behind them by digging in Yoshita’s past, but MC rejects after remembering that Peat told MC to stop looking for them. Kyouko accpets MC’s decision, remarking that “the Occult Team would probably go crazy if they knew that they came into contact with a real… nevermind”

(Based on the clues, I assume that Yoshita is also a ghost)


In this chapter, MC goes to persuade the other 3 Royal Knights: Sleipmon, Gankoomon, Magnamon. 

Persude Sleipmon/ Kentaurosmon at Eden 52015-04-04-120950 2015-04-04-134701

Sleipmon moves around too fast for any of you to catch, therefore unable to have a proper conversation. 
2015-04-04-143429Mirei can bring you to a parallel world to find a UlforceVeedramon, but she needs two items “Will of Harmony” and “Will of Steel”. 


Persude Magnamon – Shibuya


Head to Shibuya, and use Stealth Hide. Enter the railway station (the purple area)


Clear the dungeon and obtain Will of Harmony

Persude Gankoomon at Ueno

Go to Ueno and watch the cutscene. 


Head to the Zoo area, use Stealth Hide once again and enter the area.


Clear the dungeon and obtain Will of Steel


Go back to the DigiLab and talk to Mirei, who will need some time to prepare before she brings you to a parallel world. Talk to Ryota for yet another part time job at spirit hunting
2015-04-06-130215 2015-04-06-130317

Head to Cron 1 and talk to these people


Return to office and accept this new quest ” Yuuko and Yuugo”

Head to Central Hospital


Talk to the nurse

After the conversation, head to Cron 1


Find this hacker and use the keyword, then head to Cron 2
2015-04-06-171558Once at Cron 2, walk in a bit and approach Yuuko


Boss fight

Quest complete. 

Go back to Mirei, who will send you to a parallel world. You will be sent to the Shinjuku railway Digital Shift. Clear the dungeon.

With UlforceVeedramon, head back to Eden 52015-04-07-100100Go to Eden 5 and fight Sleiphmon

Head to Asakusa Digital Shift


Clear the area like usual. Fight with humanoid type Eater, so bring in Dot Recovery (ドットリカバリー)

2015-04-07-105636Chapter 15 done!

Story Summary:

The search for the Royal Knights begin. Kyouko found them at 4 locations, Shibuya, Odaiba, Ueno, and Eden. MC is supposed to persuade the Royal Knights to join your cause to eliminate just the Eaters, and not the entire Human World. This what happens in each of the scenarios

Gankoomon: MC finds Gankoomon at Ueno with his disciple, Hackmon, who wants to train even harder and join the Royal Knights.  Gankoomon tells Hackmon that he is missing something, and after MC approaches Gankoomon for help, Gankoomon asks to allow Hackmon to train with MC before he’s willing to help, and goes off. Hackmon dislikes the idea of working with a human, and claims that he will defeat Bancholeomon by himself and runs off. 

MC finds Bancholeomon in Ueno’s Digial Shift, and Hackmon trying to fight against Bancholeomon but failing. MC and Hackmon groups up to battle Bancholeomon, who continuously  goads MC and Hackmon into fighting with their utmost potential (in the battle, Bancholeomon buffs MC and Hackmon for a few turns before retaliating). 

After the battle is won, Hackmon digivoles into Jesmon, and agrees to help MC. After MC and Jesmon leaves, Gankoomon shows up, and helps a (almost deleted) Bancholeomon. Evidently the two was working together to get Hackmon to gain experience of working with humans. 

Magnamon: MC finds Magnamon in Shibuya’s Digital Shift, and admits that he is in doubts over whether the Human World should be destroyed just to protect his own world. After arriving in the Human World, Magnamon sees that there are evildoers using Digimon for their own purposes. But when he heard MC’s plead to save both the worlds by only eliminating the Eaters, Magnamon stopped to think again which side to take, and questions “Which is the true nature of humans?” Magnamon also reveals that while escaping from the Eaters in the Digital World, he brought along some young Digimon, but got separated in the chaos. Magnamon worries greatly for the young ones, and vowed to never forgive humans if anything happens to them. Nokia shows up just at the right time with Lopmon and Tokomon (whom which you previously brought back together). Magnamon is please to see the Digimon he got separated with safe and sound. After a bit more persuasion from Omegamon, Magnamon agrees to help MC. Dynasmon tries to get Magnamon back on his side, but Magnamon refuses to hurt those who saved the young Digimon, even if it means going against the will of Yggdrasil. Magnamon helps to fight off Dynasmon and joins your cause.

 Sleipmon: When MC first approaches Sleipmon, Sleipmon moves around too fast to be able to make a proper conversation with. Back at Office, Omegamon says that they would have to bring someone who is faster enough to keep up, which will be Ulforceveedramon. However, both Omegamon and Kyouko are unable to detect traces of Ulforeveedramon. Omegamon thinks that Ulforeveedramon might have been trapped in time space while travelling between the 2 world. Kyouko suggest getting a Ulforeveedramon from a Parallel World. MC approaches Mirei, who uses the Will of Harmony and Will of Steel (Obtained from Magnamon and Bancholeomon) to summon Mystimon, and opens up a portal to a parallel world, and meets Rina (player character from Re:Digitize). Rina’s partnet Digimon is Veemon, and claims that his power has been stolen by Barbamon. After MC helps to defeat Barbamon and Veemon regains his powers, he digivolves back into Ulforeveedramon, and joins the MC.  After the battle against Sleipmon with Ulforeveedramon, Sleipmon joins Rina and Ulforeveedramon to discover whether Humans should all be destroyed or if there is any good left in this world. 

Meanwhile, Yuuko invites MC to see her older brother, Yuugo, lying asleep in Eden Coma in the hospital. Yuuko decides to delete the Yuugo avatar so she will have no more relation to Kishibe, and Kishibe will not be able to use the Yuugo avatar to rally Zaxon Hackers. However, Yuuko could not delete the Yuugo avatar, and finds that it is active. After some investigation, Yuuko receives a manage from ‘Yuugo’. They travel to Avalon server, and finds Yuugo (i shall call him White Yuugo due to his hair)  there. White Yuugo explains that due to the way White Yuugo is constructed (an Avatar made by a person’s memories, but also able to ideas planted by Kishibe; and also being active with Yuuko), White Yuugo developed his own artificial personality, and has taken control of this Avatar. White Yuugo refuses to be deleted as he was also created to protect Eden (albeit in an evil way) . White Yuugo notes that Risegreymon has chosen Yuuko, and battles them with Mugendramon. After defeating White Yuugo, Risegreymon evolves into Gaioumon.

Ida calls for help for a appearance of monsters in Asakusa area. MC rushes over, only to find Arata there absorbing an Eater and gaining a Eater-like arm. Dukemon rushes over after sense the odd presence, and tries to take down Arata but fails. Arata escapes and Dukemon gives chase. 

At the meeting in the cafe, Yuuko managed to trace Kishibe/Lordknightmon’s IP location to be at Odaiba, possibly awaiting Examon to settle down before bringing Examon over to their side. The team decides to confront Examon at Odaiba.

2015-04-02-233007 2015-04-03-151702

Find Duftmon at Akihabara
2015-04-03-151751 2015-04-03-183108 2015-04-03-183712

Chika requests for help2015-04-03-184738

Go to Central Hospital

Speak with Yuuko for cutscene2015-04-03-192119

Speak with Nurse to ask about Yamashina, Chika’s father2015-04-03-192201

Speak with this boy to find out Yamashina is in the common ward2015-04-03-192257Enter the right door at the far end


Enter Yamashina’s memory and defeat the Digimon at the end2015-04-03-204905

Matayoshi SOS2015-04-03-205027

Head to Shinjuku2015-04-03-210338

Find him here, then enter the Railway Station2015-04-03-2109482015-04-03-213836

End of chapter

Story Summary:

Omegamon suggests that we find and speak to the other Royal Knights that are around the area, see if they would join their cause of eliminating Eaters and not the entire Human world.

At Akihabara, they find Duftmon and Dynasmon insisting on destroying the Human world simply based on the fact that Eaters spawned from the Human world.  It was Duftmon’s plan to send Lordknightmon to the Human world and open a path for the Royal Knights to enter. Dukemon appears, agreeing with Omegamon that they should eliminate the source instead. They spread out to find the other Royal Knights.

Chika comes to put in a request to help her Father who is hospitalized and spouting things like “I’ve betrayed Kamishiro” and “that incident from 8 years ago”. MC heads to Central Hospital to find Chika’s Father. There, Yuuko brings you to see her brother, which strengthens her resolve to solve this mystery.  MC and Yuuko meets Chika’s father, Yamashina, at the hospital, who requests to be brought to the Underground Facility. There, he remembers that he was part of the research group, along with Suedo, who successfully develop how to transform the human mind into data.  They also set up the beta test for Eden. But Yamashina can’t remember anything as Suedo sealed his memories away. Using the machine and MC Jumping in to destroy the protection (the protection evolved into a Digimon), Yamashina recalls everything. 

During the closed beta test 8 years ago, Yamashina was part of Nile Corperation, which was already bought over Kamishiro.  Yamashina and Suedo were the lead for the closed beta test, and an accident happened. – 5 children who participated came down with ”disturbance of consciousness” (aka went insane. The term used was 意識障害) .  4 of the kids regained sanity, 1 of the kids remained in a coma., and that kid is Yuugo. Suedo was fascinated by the tales that the 4 kids were recounting, things they saw after they turned insane, then sealed away the memory of this incident on the other 4 kids. The accident was covered up and the close beta was considered a success. Yamashina requested his memories of this entire incident to be sealed up again as he couldn’t accept his failure, and MC agrees. 

After sending Yamashina back to his apartment, Matayoshi requests for help in Shinjuku, where he is being attacked by an Eater. Matayoshi asks MC to help kill the Eaters in the railway station and MC heads in. Inside, MC finds Arata, who’s helping people who escaped into the station and trapped by the Eaters there.  At the end,  they find Suedo, very intrigued by Eaters. Suedo explains that Eaters are simply consuming data to survive and evolve. Since the Eaters can eat and tear open the hole in the dimensions between the Human and Digital world, Suedo worked together with Kishibe. Suedo invites Arata to join him in bringing the world to a new stage by evolving it, baiting him by saying since the Digital and Human world is overlapped, they can rewrite what happens in this world using programs. Arata agrees, and goes off with Suedo.