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Head to Eden 5 2015-03-30-164250

Nokia ropes you in to give her member some special training. 2015-03-31-102520

Arata still disapproves of Nokia’s action, and speaks with you seperately about invading Valhalla Server together. Look for him at Eden 22015-03-31-102614

Head to Valhalla Server2015-03-31-112406

There are several important items such as Memory up and Farm Expansion, be sure to open all the chests.

Using Code scan on the locked data tells you which colour to place where. Use Copy and Paste to Paste the colours correctly to open up the path.

The answer to the puzzle is as seen


The answer to the puzzle is as seen



You might want to run back to DigiLab to prepare for 2 boss fights, and bring any Anti-Eater Digimon (Tailmon etc).


No Nokia that’s not Garurugreymon.2015-03-31-151119Look for Nokia at Zaxon Forum, where Omegamon will explain everything.

Story summary:

(I decided to include this for this chapter because this is where the plot gets serious. I might summarize the entire story, chapter by chapter if I can find the time)

Chapter 10
Yuugo announces that he will take back what Eden was meant for- a digital word where everyone was free to do what they want . As Hackers, they were not accepted in the digital society. He intends to reach Under Zero, a “Holy Land” , the original Digital Area where Hackers were free. But when Eden was release, Under Zero was absorbed into it and locked away. He leads his Zaxon members to Valhalla Server to unlock Under Zero.  
On the other hand, Rie purposely lowers the security of Valhalla Server to lure Yuugo and Zaxon in. Nokia, in the name of preventing Digimon misuse, follows Yuugo.
As the Main Character (MC) and Arata arrives at the entrance to Under Zero, they battled with Zaxon, and then attacked by Eaters. After the battles, they realised that Kamishiro was using them as an experiment to see if they could lure Eaters out by channeling large amounts of Digital Wave to one location. The experiment was a success, and many Hackers fell to the Eaters attacks, but a ghostly form of Yuugo’s brother arrived and the Eaters backed away.
The next scene shows Yuuko in a machine, and Rie reveals that machine allows her to create an avatar to log into Eden, and she was using Yuuko’s memories to create the Avatar ‘Yuugo’, and this ‘Yuugo’ was leading the Hackers to do as Rie wishes
Chap 11 
Omegamon explains to MC that Eaters are are tracking the Digital World (DW), and since Eaters live on Data, the DW is essentially an entire feeding ground. To maintain balance, DW’s Yggdrasil determined Eaters were born from Eden, because negative human emotions were transforming into data as they enter Eden, giving birth to Eaters  
Omegamon (one of the Royal Knights  and guardian of the DW) came to this world as Agumon and Gabumon because it had much smaller data size compared to Omegamon,  but did not expect to lose their memories. Omegamon informs MC that the Royal Knights were set to attack this world to eliminate Eaters altogether, but Omegamon thinks they shouldn’t be destroying one world to save another. Omegamon also mentions that Kamishiro’s experiments might be a result of some form of mind control by the rest of the Royal Knights who wants to destroy the human world.
Back at office, Kyouko deduces that Kamishiro is running Digital Waves along ancient ley lines, (which forms a circle if seen on a map) to converge them at one spot to open up the Door between Digital and human world, and that the Eden Spots (yellow machines ) were to be used as the converging point for each area.  Yuuko is required by Kamishiro to run the machine (hidden underground in Roppongi, as they found out from MC’s data log when you Jumped in) Arata goes off to create create a simultaneous blackout at all the areas to make an opening to allow MC and Nokia to rescue Yuuko.

Note: The chapter title reminds me of the Digimon movie Our War Game so much I couldn’t help but pun it

2015-03-28-204827 2015-03-28-204940

Kamishiro Enterprise is launching a new big update for Eden, and the gang intends to use it’s opening demo to sneak into the Avalon Server, a top security area to obtain info. Arata and yourself enter in disguises using a modified version of Stealth Hide 2015-03-29-102236

Connect Jump in on the left side2015-03-29-102728


Proceed with a Vaccine type in your team

Decoding the encrypted data will tell you what colour is needed. It’s red. Copy it from the Red data at the back2015-03-29-153039 2015-03-29-153821

The next area requires Blue on the left, Green on the Right.

Obtain her Moe Moe Diary2015-03-29-171832

Yuuko wonders if there’s anything on her Father in the stolen data

Head to Cron 1 to find one of Nokia’s new member

This Rebellion’s member, Yasu, wants to help Nokia. Accept the quest “Bolster the Nokia Forces!” 2015-03-29-173458 2015-03-29-173716

Speaking to him again at Cron 1, and he declares that he has a crush on Nokia.

Look for Nokia, once at Cron 1, another time at Cron 2. Mini-boss fight.2015-03-29-233913 2015-03-30-101600

Quest completed2015-03-30-102433

Accept the quest “La missel” 2015-03-30-102509

Meet Yuugo at Zaxon Forum2015-03-30-102629

Have a nice chat with him at this Bench2015-03-30-103435

Find the Rebellions member at Cron 4 when you receive that call for help.

Mini-boss fight.2015-03-30-103915

Quest complete.2015-03-30-125252

Look for Ryota at the cafe2015-03-30-125349

Ryota wants to know what he should give Sakura who’s going to be discharged soon (and confess to her at the same time)2015-03-30-125626 2015-03-30-125640

Speak to Nokia at Shinjuku, then Arata at Akihabara, then Yuuko at Kamishiro Enterprise.
(I never thought I would see the term OTP in a game lol)2015-03-30-134405 2015-03-30-134646

And the chapter rounds up by Ryota deciding to get a present which signifies his feelings.

2015-03-26-164354 2015-03-26-164449Nokia wants to start a group called “Rebellions” to stop Digimon misuse. Arata isn’t keen on being the leader and asks for help to investigate something else

Meet him at the railway entrance at Shinjuku2015-03-26-170026

Walk towards the Wifi station to trigger a scene2015-03-26-170603

You’ll arrive at Asakusa, where a Digital Shift occurs2015-03-26-170633

The lady on the left is a shop, purchase some Dot Recovery (ドッドレかバリー)2015-03-26-171006

Touch the two glowing globes at the sides of the exit to remove the barrier at the !. Boss battle at the next area, and lots of chests. Grab them all before you battle the Boss


Asakusa is back to normal. Head to Cron 1 to find Nokia2015-03-27-151305

Nokia at Cron 12015-03-27-152444

Help her to recruit Hackers. At Demons, You will need to battle the Hacker at the far end before the Hacker on the left will join you. Leave the area once all 3 Hackers don’t have the ! above their heads anymore.

Head over to Zaxon to recruit the Hacker there too

Once done, head back to office.


Accept this quest “The Strongest Gamer”

Connect Jump into the arcade machine at 4th floor. Mini-boss battle. 

Talk to this guy after you exit the machine to complete the quest.2015-03-28-132812


Kyouko asks to investigate a odd poster at 2nd floor2015-03-28-133039

Said poster is beside the card shop2015-03-28-133537

After the conversation with the Occult members, accept their quest “Live as a Doll; Die as a Human” (it’s hard to guess what they really mean with this quest title, going to wing it)2015-03-28-153921

Head to Akihabara, talk to the first young man you see with the !.2015-03-28-153943

Talk to this man2015-03-28-154302

Investigate this glowing thing.  and you’ll arrive at another Digital Space. Mini-boss fight. Then head back to talk to the same man, and you’ll be teleported back to Office for conversation. 2015-03-28-163459

Talk to the guy with !2015-03-28-164640Quest done!


Look for Arata at Shinjuku2015-03-28-170157

He’s right there, and needs help2015-03-28-180259

Accept the quest “Rare Comic Connection”2015-03-28-180348

Head to Eden 22015-03-28-180358

After speaking with Arata, head down the stars in this same area to answer question. Your choice doesn’t seem to make an impact as Arata answers correctly for you. 

Head to Eden 1 for the next question2015-03-28-181041

Arata simply answers for you again2015-03-28-181122

Head back to Eden 22015-03-28-181141 2015-03-28-185801

This time Arata doesn’t know the answer, and asks you to go Nakano Broadway 3rd floor to search for an answer2015-03-28-191219

Speak to this man 2015-03-28-191242

He gives you the answer. Return to Arata.2015-03-28-191528 2015-03-28-191609

Clear the question, and head to Eden 5 – Free Area2015-03-28-191619 2015-03-28-191632

Walk to the end, speak to the man and complete the quest2015-03-28-191746Chapter 8 done!


A man came to request for help of his lost Medal, which might have been stolen off him by a Hacker. 2015-03-24-092049

Look for Medal Uncle at 4th floor.2015-03-24-092433

Head to Cron 3, use Hacking Skill: Wall Break (Lvl.3) to proceed. You’ll need 3 Champion level Digimon in your team

Cron 4


Copy the red data.2015-03-24-092857

Speak with this hacker, he’ll tell you that the Medal Paddler is up ahead2015-03-24-093332

Paste it at the only other white marker to proceed 2015-03-24-094202 2015-03-24-120204

You’ll find this guy at the next area. Speak and battle him.

Side note: You can proceed right to find a guy with 2 chests behind him. You can choose to battle him to receive the Digi-Armor of Courage, and the two chests behind him , one which contains Memory Up. (He only has one Flamdramon, and it’s not as strong as the one in Gold Cup)


Back at Office, Sakura’s mother came for help as she has ran away from home2015-03-24-121424

Talk to Nokia.2015-03-24-121909

Talk to (a very anxious) Ryota. 2015-03-24-122030Kyouko deduced that the videos of JimmyKen might contain subliminal brainwashing.

Head to Cron 4 to meet up with Nokia2015-03-24-123448

Find and rescue Ryota at the 2nd map of Cron4. You’ll get the URL to Demon’s Hideout

Head over and get ready for a Boss fight with JimmyKen (again)2015-03-26-153440

Back at office, there’s something up at Shinjuku.2015-03-26-153542

You arrive to discover large scratch marks on concrete. Kyouko calls you back to office.2015-03-26-153653

On the way back you can also talk to this woman to activate your next quest.2015-03-26-153831

Accept this quest “Kamaitachi in Broad Daylight”2015-03-26-154323

Head back to the street in Shinjuku, and investigate the glowing areas. You will end up Connect Jumping into a beam of Photon Maser, and fighting Tankmon. There’s a lot of items in the area, remember to collect everything before fighting Tankmon. 


After defeating Tankmon, you’re done. Head back to office to complete the quest2015-03-26-162704

And accept the next one. Time for some food tasting with your buddies2015-03-26-162908

Visit the Chinese cuisine at the 1st floor2015-03-26-163112

Visit the Casual Dining2015-03-26-163529

And lastly the Sushi place at 2nd floor
2015-03-26-163839And we’re done with Chapter 7!


Chapter 6


She comes with a request


Head to the new area, Akihabara


Welcome to the land of electronics, games and anime goods


This guy has across the street has the information you need, but wants something in return. Go back to the other side of the street.


Talk to this lady at where you entered. Turns out the previous guy was stalking her and she’s disgusted by it, and asks you to tell him off


Head back to the guy, get Eden ComiMani (Comic Mania) Forum URL from him


Head in


Speak with the Girl in blue


She wants to meet you IRL to discuss the missing people


Find her at 3F of Nakano Broadway


Arata joins in the search


Meet Arata at Cron 1


Head to the dead end of Cron 1, use Code Scan on the locked data


Head to Akihabara


Digital Shift has already occurred there.


Remember to grab this item box as it contains Farm expansion item. Continue to the end of the dungeon for boss fight


Back at Office, it seems that your classmate Ryota is at K-Cafe


Look for Ryota at K-Cafe. He is looking for part-time jobs which earns well.


Accept the quest. Go around Nakano Broadway to look for part-time jobs


Part-time job 1


Part-time job 2


Part-time job 3. After speaking with all 3, return to Ryota, who will pick Part-time job 2


Meeting Ryota at Cron 3


Speak with this Hacker at the left area of Cron 3, and the following long conversation with Ryota. Return to Office after this.


And finish the quest


NO MUSIC NO LIFE is the catchphrase for Tower Records in Shibuya. Head there


Off to the famous scramble crossing, Hachiko statue, and Tower Records in Shibuya


Head in


Talk to the girl


Head back to office to accept the quest


Back at Tower Record, use the keyword on this guy on the right


Talk to the girl again


The gate to underground will open.


Follow the path and chase Etemon till a dead end


At this area, Etemon will continue to evade you. Investigate the vending machine


Head to the vending machine just outside , Connect Jump in


There’s a few items in this Jump area. Collect them all before exiting the north side and catch Etemon from behind. Boss fight


Back at office, quest cleared


Quest complete


Accept this quest to investigate the underground area of Nakano


Head to the new area


Nakano Underground


Connect Jump in after a very lot of conversation


Hacking Skill: Copy and Paste. Requires a Vaccine type digimon.


Copy the yellow data from one side


Paste it at the other side. Proceed on to the end of the dungeon


Enter this area and explore a bit, then you will be teleported back to office


Head to the new area, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building



Jump in


Proceed to the end of the dungeon for a boss fight


Head back to office to complete the quest. This marks the end of Chapter 6


Moving on to Chapter 5


Head over to the Mansion, and look for the family at the end of the corridor again


Head to Shibuya


Enter Tower Record aera via the north road


Speak to the girl , Chika, with the !


Use the Keyword on the lock speech bubble


Return to office


Go to the DigiLab to receive a new hacking skill


Head over to Kamishiro Enterprise


Use the Hacker Skill – Stealth Hide. You will need a Virus Type Digimon in your team to do so. Now you can turn invisible and investigate without leaving traces. Speak to the businessman on the left, and Connect Jump in.


There’s access to DigiLab once through the Jump. Grab a Data type Digimon. Go through the small circular stage, and reach the end. Use コードスキャン – Code Scan on the object. Boss fight.


Head to Shinjuku and to the entrance of the railway station (These should be lots of people here during the story quest)


Once in, head in to the deepest part of the distorted railway station, and collect item IC Card from a shining globe


Use the IC Card to open the gantry. Boss fight


Head to Shibuya, talk to this mysterious person in the middle of the road


Accept this quest, “Scramble Pentagon”


Speak to various occult members in Nanako Broadway. There’s 2 on 1st floor, 1 on 2nd and 4rd floor respsectively.


Occult members have ! above their head


Once done, head back to Shibuya, and initial the conversation.


Ghostly Girl 1 . The girl will appear in a few locations in Shibuya. Find her and talk to her 3 times


Ghostly girl 2


Ghostly Girl 3. Once done head back to office.


Back at office, Kyouko asks you to investigate some ‘glowing object’ at Eden 1 – Entrance


Head to the corner of Eden 1, interact with glowing object


After speaking to your next customer, accept this quest – Dream Eater Kokkuri-san


Wanyamon, now renamed as Peet (?), will sniff out traces of the program causing this problem. Walk around the centre portion of each tier and press O, advancing upwards


Press O here, then go to the same corner where we found the glowing object


After talking with the kid, you’ll automatically teleport to another Digital Space, and fight Champion digimon. Once defeated, head back to office and finish the quest.


And she needs even more coffee beans. Head to K-Cafe at 4th Floor


Head in a grab your coffee beans, and back to office. This chapter is done.