Chapter 5 Cont: The Search for Father ~ Kamishiro Yuuko’s request

Moving on to Chapter 5
Head over to the Mansion, and look for the family at the end of the corridor again
Head to Shibuya
Enter Tower Record aera via the north road
Speak to the girl , Chika, with the !
Use the Keyword on the lock speech bubble
Return to office
Go to the DigiLab to receive a new hacking skill
Head over to Kamishiro Enterprise
Use the Hacker Skill – Stealth Hide. You will need a Virus Type Digimon in your team to do so. Now you can turn invisible and investigate without leaving traces. Speak to the businessman on the left, and Connect Jump in.
There’s access to DigiLab once through the Jump. Grab a Data type Digimon. Go through the small circular stage, and reach the end. Use コードスキャン – Code Scan on the object. Boss fight.

5 thoughts on “Chapter 5 Cont: The Search for Father ~ Kamishiro Yuuko’s request

  1. I think you meant to grab a Vaccine type? The boss digimon at the end for me were both Virus types. Thanks for these guides they have helped me sooo much. I don’t know any Kanji so I would never have made it this far otherwise. Keep it up! 😀


  2. For some reason, I cannot activate the hacking skill. I’m at the part where you have to use it to follow this guy, but it’s not working. What have I miss?!


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