A man came to request for help of his lost Medal, which might have been stolen off him by a Hacker. 2015-03-24-092049

Look for Medal Uncle at 4th floor.2015-03-24-092433

Head to Cron 3, use Hacking Skill: Wall Break (Lvl.3) to proceed. You’ll need 3 Champion level Digimon in your team

Cron 4


Copy the red data.2015-03-24-092857

Speak with this hacker, he’ll tell you that the Medal Paddler is up ahead2015-03-24-093332

Paste it at the only other white marker to proceed 2015-03-24-094202 2015-03-24-120204

You’ll find this guy at the next area. Speak and battle him.

Side note: You can proceed right to find a guy with 2 chests behind him. You can choose to battle him to receive the Digi-Armor of Courage, and the two chests behind him , one which contains Memory Up. (He only has one Flamdramon, and it’s not as strong as the one in Gold Cup)


Back at Office, Sakura’s mother came for help as she has ran away from home2015-03-24-121424

Talk to Nokia.2015-03-24-121909

Talk to (a very anxious) Ryota. 2015-03-24-122030Kyouko deduced that the videos of JimmyKen might contain subliminal brainwashing.

Head to Cron 4 to meet up with Nokia2015-03-24-123448

Find and rescue Ryota at the 2nd map of Cron4. You’ll get the URL to Demon’s Hideout

Head over and get ready for a Boss fight with JimmyKen (again)2015-03-26-153440

Back at office, there’s something up at Shinjuku.2015-03-26-153542

You arrive to discover large scratch marks on concrete. Kyouko calls you back to office.2015-03-26-153653

On the way back you can also talk to this woman to activate your next quest.2015-03-26-153831

Accept this quest “Kamaitachi in Broad Daylight”2015-03-26-154323

Head back to the street in Shinjuku, and investigate the glowing areas. You will end up Connect Jumping into a beam of Photon Maser, and fighting Tankmon. There’s a lot of items in the area, remember to collect everything before fighting Tankmon. 


After defeating Tankmon, you’re done. Head back to office to complete the quest2015-03-26-162704

And accept the next one. Time for some food tasting with your buddies2015-03-26-162908

Visit the Chinese cuisine at the 1st floor2015-03-26-163112

Visit the Casual Dining2015-03-26-163529

And lastly the Sushi place at 2nd floor
2015-03-26-163839And we’re done with Chapter 7!


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