2015-03-26-164354 2015-03-26-164449Nokia wants to start a group called “Rebellions” to stop Digimon misuse. Arata isn’t keen on being the leader and asks for help to investigate something else

Meet him at the railway entrance at Shinjuku2015-03-26-170026

Walk towards the Wifi station to trigger a scene2015-03-26-170603

You’ll arrive at Asakusa, where a Digital Shift occurs2015-03-26-170633

The lady on the left is a shop, purchase some Dot Recovery (ドッドレかバリー)2015-03-26-171006

Touch the two glowing globes at the sides of the exit to remove the barrier at the !. Boss battle at the next area, and lots of chests. Grab them all before you battle the Boss


Asakusa is back to normal. Head to Cron 1 to find Nokia2015-03-27-151305

Nokia at Cron 12015-03-27-152444

Help her to recruit Hackers. At Demons, You will need to battle the Hacker at the far end before the Hacker on the left will join you. Leave the area once all 3 Hackers don’t have the ! above their heads anymore.

Head over to Zaxon to recruit the Hacker there too

Once done, head back to office.


Accept this quest “The Strongest Gamer”

Connect Jump into the arcade machine at 4th floor. Mini-boss battle. 

Talk to this guy after you exit the machine to complete the quest.2015-03-28-132812


Kyouko asks to investigate a odd poster at 2nd floor2015-03-28-133039

Said poster is beside the card shop2015-03-28-133537

After the conversation with the Occult members, accept their quest “Live as a Doll; Die as a Human” (it’s hard to guess what they really mean with this quest title, going to wing it)2015-03-28-153921

Head to Akihabara, talk to the first young man you see with the !.2015-03-28-153943

Talk to this man2015-03-28-154302

Investigate this glowing thing.  and you’ll arrive at another Digital Space. Mini-boss fight. Then head back to talk to the same man, and you’ll be teleported back to Office for conversation. 2015-03-28-163459

Talk to the guy with !2015-03-28-164640Quest done!


Look for Arata at Shinjuku2015-03-28-170157

He’s right there, and needs help2015-03-28-180259

Accept the quest “Rare Comic Connection”2015-03-28-180348

Head to Eden 22015-03-28-180358

After speaking with Arata, head down the stars in this same area to answer question. Your choice doesn’t seem to make an impact as Arata answers correctly for you. 

Head to Eden 1 for the next question2015-03-28-181041

Arata simply answers for you again2015-03-28-181122

Head back to Eden 22015-03-28-181141 2015-03-28-185801

This time Arata doesn’t know the answer, and asks you to go Nakano Broadway 3rd floor to search for an answer2015-03-28-191219

Speak to this man 2015-03-28-191242

He gives you the answer. Return to Arata.2015-03-28-191528 2015-03-28-191609

Clear the question, and head to Eden 5 – Free Area2015-03-28-191619 2015-03-28-191632

Walk to the end, speak to the man and complete the quest2015-03-28-191746Chapter 8 done!


3 thoughts on “Chapter 8 Can’t Stop the Typhoon Girl

  1. Noire

    Wanted to point out that, at least in my game, when I was helping Nokia to recruit hackers, there was one in the Zaxon forum that I had to talk to in addition to the three from Demons.



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