2015-03-31-151135 2015-03-31-152018

Head to Zaxon Forum to listen to Omegamon’s story2015-03-31-152035 2015-03-31-220644Head to Nakano Underground2015-04-01-102753

Follow the path to reach Roppongi Underground. Remember to collect all the chests2015-04-01-103056 2015-04-01-103622

Fight with LordKnightmon2015-04-01-105221

Tigerwaspmon follows you in on her (?) own accord2015-04-01-105322

Inside the Yuuko-Eater, where she tells her story. 

End of Chapter 11

Story Summary:

The distance between Nakano and Roppongi is supposed to be about 8 km, 2 hours on foot, but Digital Shift might have caused time space distortion, and Nokia, Fey (who joins you wanting to save Yuuko) and MC reaches the underground facility. When Kishibe announces that her plan is successful and the “Door of Judgement” opens. Omegamon senses that Rie isn’t human, and Rie reveals her as Lordknightmon, another of the Royal Knights.
Meanwhile , Arata readies the simultaneous blackout, but Suedou interrupts his work, proclaiming he’s ‘here to help’ and asks if Arata was ready to be blamed for causing ‘distortion ‘ in this world, but also don’t mind this happening might as it would allow this world to evolve. Arata about why he was coming to ‘help’ if he was Kishibe’s underling, but Suedou says that he was only interested in ‘possibilities for evolution’, regardless of the current Kishibe, or ‘what previously was Kishibe’ . During his research, Suedou also created the Digimon Capture as a side product. When confronted by
After the battle with Lordknightmon, the gate between the Human and Digital world opens, but closes shortly due to Arata’s interference, and some of the Digimon that came through didn’t last long.  Lordknightmon deduces that if she’s still around, the other Knights (those with a certain about of power) should have arrived despite the gate being closed.
Back at MC, an Eater attacks and fuses with Yuuko, but the team doesn’t dare to deal the killing now for fear of killing Yuuko. MC decides to Connect Jump in (Fey was confused why her Tigerwaspmon volunteered to follow despite Fey not giving orders).
Inside, Yuuko tells her story: 8 years ago, her older brother fell into Eden Coma. Her father buried himself in researching about Eden. After her father died, Kishibe told Yuuko that she has to protect Eden by becoming Yuugo and rallying the Hackers. But she regrets throwing away herself just to become Yuugo, because in the end, she was still alone in all these, no one to recognise her and causing all these problems. However, Tigerwaspmon shows up, thanking Yuuko for letting herself and Fey to be together. Turns out that Tigerwaspmon was given to Fey by Yuuko long ago. Tigerwaspmon reminds Yuuko that she has friends right beside her, even now. Yuuko then see MC beside her, and remembers her Father’s words, “Papa made Eden so no one has to be alone.” Yuuko then asks MC to help her out of here. Their reunion is shortlived as MC disappears into another Digital Shift
Young girl:Let’s go and take a look!
Young boy: Come quickly! It’s this way  !

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