Buff Icon translation

Note: All debuff icon are same as the buff ones, except with a blue background. The only available debuffs are : Attack/Defence/Speed/Intelligence.  I included Support End it looks similar to Safety Guard and Status Barrier, and also very rarely seen (even in game),  so i thought to use the opportunity to let everyone know.

Also, for Attack/Defence/Intell/Speed, moves with a “フィールド” (Field) behind it means it affects all allies/enemies.


A: Attack (アタックチャージ) – Affects normal Attack command or Physical [物理] spells
B: Defence (ガードチャージ)- Affects damage taken from Attack or Physical [物理] spells
C: Intelligence (メンタルチャージ)- Affects Magical [魔法] damage dealt; affects damage taken from Magical [魔法] spells
D: Speed (スピードチャージ)- Affects how quickly your Digimon can move again
E: Accuracy (ヒットチャージ)- Affects how often your Digimon will hit or miss.
F: Critical (クリティカルチャージ)- Affects how often your Digimon will deal Critical Hits
G: Agility (アジリティチャージ)- Affects Evasion rate
H: Safety Guard (セーフティガード) – Digimon endures killing blow, survives with 1 HP
I: Status Barrier (ステータスバリア)- Digimon cannot be afflicted with any status
J: Helpless/Support End(サポートエンド – Digimon’s Support Skill is negated (negative skill)
K: Reflect Mirror (リフレクトミラー)- Counters with normal Attack after being hit with a Magical spell
L: Cross Counter (クロスカウンター)  – Counters with normal Attack after being hit with a Physical attack or Physical spell
M: Accel Boost (アクセルブースト)- Doubles the damage dealt on next attack only.


2 thoughts on “Buff Icon translation

  1. Adrian

    In chapter 15 fight against lordknightmon, he uses a buff that’s a golden shield and seems to negate damage. This buff is not listed here.



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