Consumable Item Translation

メモリアップ Memory Up Increases Party Memory by 5
メモリアップDX Memory Up DX Increases Party Memory by 10
HPカプセルC HPCapsuleC Restores 250 HP to one Digimon
HPカプセルB HPCapsuleB Restores 750 HP to one Digimon
HPカプセルA HPCapsuleA Restores one Digimon to full HP
HPスプレーC HPSprayーC Restores 500 HP to all Digimon
HPスプレーB HPSprayーB Restores 1000 HP to all Digimon
HPスプレーA HPSprayーA Restores all Digimon to full HP
SPカプセルC SPCapsuleC Restores 30 SP to one Digimon
SPカプセルB SPCapsuleB Restores 90 SP to one Digimon
SPカプセルA SPCapsuleA Restores one Digimon to full SP
SPスプレーC SPSprayーC Restores 30 SP to all Digimon
SPスプレーB SPSprayーB Restores 60 SP to all Digimon
SPスプレーA SPSprayーA Restores all Digimon to full SP
メディカルスプレー Medical Spray Restores 50% HP and SP to one Digimon
メディカルスプレーDX Medical Spray DX Restores 100% HP and SP to all Digimons
ポイズンリカバリー Poison Recovery Cures ‘Poison’ and restore 00 hp to one Digimon
スタンリカバリー Stun Recovery Cures ‘Stun’ and restore 00 hp to one Digimon
パニックリカバリー Panic Recovery Cures ‘Panic’ and restore 00 hp to one Digimon
スリープリカバリー Sleep Recovery Cures ‘Sleep’ and restore 00 hp to one Digimon
ドッドリカバリー Dot  Recovery Cures ‘Sleep’ and restore 00 hp to one Digimon
バグリカバリー Bug Recovery Cures ‘Sleep’ and restore 00 hp to one Digimon
マルチリカバリー Multi Recovery Cures all status and restore 100 hp to one Digimon
マルチリカバリーDX Multi Recovery DX Cures all status and restore 100 hp to all Digimon
リヴァイヴカプセル Revive Capsule Revives a Digimon with 50% HP
リヴァイヴカプセルDX Revive Capsule DX Revives a Digimon with 100% HP
リカバリースプレー Recovery Spray Revives all fainted Digimon with 50% HP
フルリカヴァリースプレー Full Recovery Spray Revives all fainted Digimon with 100% HP
ATKブースト ATK Boost Increases Attack by 20% for 5 turns
HIT ブースト HIT Boost Increases Accuracy by 20% for 5 turns
INT ブースト INT Boost Increases Intelligence by 20% for 5 turns
SPD ブースト SPD Boost Increases Speed by 20% for 5 turns
CTRブースト CTR Boost Increases Critical Chance by 20% for 5 turns
エスケープゲート Escape Gate Escape from battle
エクスポート X-port Return to the dungeon’s entrance instantly
ホームゲート Home Gate Return to office instantly
ブレイブポイントE Brave Point E Gives one Digimon +2500EXP
ブレイブポイントD Brave Point D Gives one Digimon +5000EXP
ブレイブポイントC Brave Point C Gives one Digimon +10000EXP
ブレイブポイントB Brave Point B Gives one Digimon +20000EXP
ブレイブポイントA Brave Point A Gives one Digimon +4000EXP
フレンドシップ Friendship Increases Friendship by 10
フレンドシップ DX Friendship DX Increases Friendship by 25
攻撃型バッチ Attack Patch Changes the Digimon’s personality to the repective personality
防御型バッチ Defence Patch
耐久型バッチ Endurance Patch
知力バッチ Intelligence Patch
素早さ型バッチ Speed Patch
開発型バッチ Development Patch
調査バッチ Scout Patch
HP制御チップC HP Surpressing Chip C Decreased the value of enchanced HP by 1
SP制御チップC SP Surpressing Chip C Decreased the value of enchanced SP by 1
ATK制御チップC ATK Surpressing Chip C Decreased the value of enchanced Attack by 1
DEF制御チップC DEF Surpressing Chip C Decreased the value of enchanced Defence by 1
INT制御チップC INT Surpressing Chip C Decreased the value of enchanced Intelligence by 1
SPD制御チップC SPD Surpressing Chip C Decreased the value of enchanced Speed by 1
Note: The enhanced value refers to the numbers in the brackets in the status page. These items comes in A, B, C. They only differ in the amount of stat reduction. C reduces by 1, B by 10, A by 100. I have omitted B and A to save space
All items with the red jewel icon can be sold for money, they serve no other purpose
Digi-Armor goes here, having them means you will have the Digivolution path unlocked. There’s no need to use it or anything.
極上肉 Supreme Meat Greatly increases Friendship
アクセルバナナ Accel Banana Digifarm food, enhances Speed
タフネスダケ Tough Mushroom Digifarm food, enhances HP
パワフルパイン Powerful Pine Digifarm food, enhances Attack
インテリニンジン Smart Carrot Digifarm food, enhances Intelligence
メンタルメロン Mental Melon Digifarm food, enhances Speed
ガードングリ Guard Acron Digifarm food, enhances Defence
マッハマロン Mach Chestnut Digifarm food, enhances Speed
ミラクル肉 Miracle Meat Greatly increases Friendship and Potential

All the Spray items, except for Recovery and Full Recovery Spray, will only affect the active Digimon during battle. Out of battle, they will affect your whole party


28 thoughts on “Consumable Item Translation

  1. hyugarazz

    when all status Patch available to purchase?as i on chapter 7…at eden shop only sell hp,sp,attack,scout and development patch only…when will i get defend,int and speed?thanks


    1. Noire

      The HP, SP, and ATK Patches are available for purchase form the Eden Entrance shop starting in Chapter 7. You have to reach Chapter 13 before you can buy DEF, INT, or SPD patches. Scouting and Development patches can be bought starting at Chapter 2.


    1. toynanaka Post author

      All right take for example, I have a Blackwargreymon which I want to be offensive, but I accidentally enhanced his HP by feeding it the Tough Mushroom.

      Since the total enhanced stats is capped at 100, and I want all the extra stats on attack. So I would use the HP Surpressing Chip to reduce the enhanced HP then feed it Powerful Pine or train it with a Sandbag to get the extra Attack stats.


      1. FrostyBear

        Oh thanks for the explanation. By the way, farm stats increase is not 100% right ? since sometimes my stats does not seem to increase. Nice guide too one of the best i found.


      2. hianto90

        Guys, i still dont get it, my digimon already maxed out the stats in the bracket, like hp, but the other enhanced stats still accumulate like att/de. Can you please explain in more detail?


      3. toynanaka Post author

        To start off, please note that HP growth is by 10s, compared to other stats which is by 1s. So if your digimon’s HP stat is maxed out, it is supposed to show +1000.

        In any case, there are two scenarios where you still see your other stats growing despite having stats maxed out.

        1)The digimon’s potential could have been growing while you are training, thus allowing more stat growth

        2) A new equipment has been given to the Digimon. Stats granted by equipment are shown in the brackets.


      4. hianto90

        Can you please explain the enhanced stats with more detail? I have digimon with 100 hp enhance stat, but the other stats still accumulate, like att/deff


      5. hianto90

        Ow i see, the hp point is based 10, actually my enhance stat for hp only 100 that means it’s 10 poin for hp right?
        And how do we know if the digimon potential already grown more than it’s cap? Is it happen randomly?
        And about status is it better if i evolve/devolve digimon higher than their lv requirement?
        Does the stat increase when i evolve/devolve at higher lv?
        Or they just start at initial stat+enhance stats?


      6. toynanaka Post author

        Yes, your +100 hp means it’s only 10 points in hp.

        I don’t quite get your 2nd question on potential grown more than its cap. If you’re referring to the cap on the enhanced stats, the formula is 50+potential/2. So you will need to calculate by yourself whether you are at the enhanced stats cap.
        About evolving earlier or later, I don’t know the exact details, but from my experience, evolving/devolving later will give you higher stats, but nothing above the stipulated amount from thr Digimon Library. Personally there isn’t too much a difference for you to hold back evolution too much, the game isn’t that hard.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. toynanaka Post author

    You will get some from quests, and after you complete the game they will be unlocked in the Digilab shop


    1. toynanaka Post author

      Yes, those would be the items like Powerful Pine, Mach Chestnut etc (the fruits and vegetables). They are only available after you complete the game


  3. Hanabi

    I really really dont understand about how to use Surpressing Chip. Can anyone explain how to use in details, please ?????

    Sorry for my bad English


    1. toynanaka Post author

      It’s the Effort Value of Pokemon.

      A Digimon has 100 ‘bonus’ points to invest in the stats, extra stats that goes beyond its standard stat growth. For example, if you accidentely invested points into MP for a Wargreymon, which is a physical attacker and you would want to invest in Attack instead, use a MP suppressing chip to reduce the bonus points, so u can invest those points into attack instead. the bonus stats is the amount you see in the brackets ().


      1. Hanabi

        So when i use MP suppressing chip to WarGrey, the point in bracket will go down and it will transfer to Atk, right ?????

        Do you have images to make it clearly, please ???

        I really stuck in the point issues


      2. toynanaka Post author

        the points in the bracket will go down, but u need to send it to the farm increase the attack points. i can’t send u screenshots because i don’t have the game with me right now


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