Hacker’s Memory now on sale!

Hacker’s Memory (HM) just released recently, so I’ll be back to translate some data. I wouldn’t be doing a walkthrough for HM as it is fairly straightforward. Some of the things I plan to do are as follows:

-FAQ for new players
-Data dump for Hacker’s Memory including stuff like Memory location, Farm upgrades,
-Update Support skill for new digimon
-Update Guide to DigiLab to include changes for HM
-HM Victory Uchida locations

Ultimately they are things that I will simply translate from various JP sites with some of my own inputs because i’m still slowly playing the game xP


I love red cloaks

Also if you love the Cyber Sleuth/Hacker’s Memory, please support it by buying a copy! Sales are a bit underwhelming for a Digimon title. The producer expressed on his twitter that it ‘is an uphill battle for sales’ (Twitter). Granted, 40k sales on first week is decent, but not good enough for a long running franchise. We would all want for another sequel for this series don’t we?

Check back often for some Hacker’s Memory update!



Thank you for all your words of appreciation! Seeing everyone able to enjoy the game is enough for me, please continue to enjoy the game, and the rest of the Digimon franchise!

Looking forward to the sequel, Digimon Cybersleuth-Hacker’s Memory, that was announced a while back. Hope to see everyone there again!



Back in business tomorrow

Hello everyone, thank you very much for visiting this site and enjoying the game. I had been overseas ever since the release of the English version of the game, and will only return home tomorrow. After which I’ll try to address all your questions in the comments section (or help a friend out! Check out the comments sections to see if someone else needs help)

I’m also unsure if the English version had changed any story elements as to how to proceed in the game, so I’ll double check using both jp and any available English guides. Sorry for the great delay in responding to your comments .


Once again, thank you for using this guide, and I look forward to seeing you all online (if the cross region pvp patch does get released)



Chapter 20 From the New World


Smply proceed forward, down the tower into Yggdrasil’s core, defeating all the guardians. As usual, once you see the entrance to DigiLan, save and heal up, because the final boss fight is right after!2015-04-09-215955 2015-04-09-222241 2015-04-09-222408


And that’s the end of the game! Here’s a list of things you can do post game:

-Complete the Royal Knights quest

-Complete 7 Demon Lord Quest

-Complete Offline Colossuem

-Complete your DigiDex

Note: Here’s a video which shows you how to go straight up to the top floor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Building with no detours.  https://youtu.be/2cRBvpdgmF8?t=13m40s 

2015-04-09-120156 2015-04-09-120423

Head to Tokyo Metropolitan Building, and go to the top floor.


After the 2 boss battle, speak with Omegamon to head into the Digital World, or speak to Alphamon to head back to office.  

Chap 19 end

OPTIONAL: According to JP wiki, you can speak to Arata to get his quest, which requires you to go to Under Zero to help him with something. The wiki says if you complete this quest, Arata will be more helpful in the final boss fight. I have yet to try this myself. 

2015-04-09-105941 2015-04-09-110128

This goggle thing is your Digivice


Once in control of Nokia, simply walk out of the area. You will be transported to Eden of Beginning.2015-04-09-110658 2015-04-09-111406

Walk to where the playground is, and investigate the crack

2015-04-09-115216Boss fight again Lordknightmon again, after which you’ll be back in office. 

Chapter 18 End

2015-04-09-103345 2015-04-09-103421 Head to Akihabara 2015-04-09-103534 Head into the Digital Shift, boss fight at the end of the dungeon2015-04-09-105109 2015-04-09-105713 Arrive at Eden of Beginning. It looks exactly like Cron 1, so make your way back to the entrance area. 2015-04-09-105745Head south a bit more for a bunch of cutscenes.

Story Summary:

Upon exiting the office, Arata calls to tell MC that Suedo told him a weakened Examon has returned to Odaiba, and wants to help MC defeat it, but MC is to come alone to defeat it. Upon reaching, Arata tells MC that he’s just using his new found power to consume data, digimon, and humans alike, simply because he’s hungry. He also ‘remembers something that has been left undone’ and thus needs all these power to settle that. After the battle, Arata admits that he is probably being used by Suedo, buthe doesn’t want to think too much and just correct what happened 8 years ago.

Back at office, Kyouko (remarks that Magnamon is watching over Examon just in case) and discusse Arata’s situation with you, saying that he will pose as the newest threat, but nothing can be done right now. Yuuko contacts MC saying that she has managed to find Rie/Lordknightmon at Akihabara, and requests MC to go over to help. MC and Yuuko meet Lordknightmon, who tells them that she had no desire to kill Yuuko’s father at first. But while merged with Rie, Rie’s own desire and jealousy affected Lordknightmon, which made her even happier to learn such feelings of being able to crush other human beings. In the end, who is to blame for Rie/Lordknightmon’s actions? Rie or herself? Then she points the blame to the 5 children who entered the Digital World 8 years ago: Yuugo, Yuuko, Nokia, Arata, and MC. These 5 children opened up a pathway to the DW which resulted in the first Eater entering the DW.

Yuuko and MC both got very confused because they have no memory of such a thing happening. It turns out that their memory could have been stolen away like the Eden researcher previously. After the battle, MC loses consciousness and start to remember what happened previously.

During the beta test of Eden, the 5 children met for the first time, and had loads of fun playing in Eden. As MC follow the path backwards in this area called “Eden of Beginning”, you will realise that it looks exactly like Cron 1, except it’s in pristine white and not delapitated. It even has a cute sign witha smiley face no a face with “Welcome to Eden” on it, with a proper playground. The children all want to stay and play here forever, until they saw a crack in the space, and they all stepped into it.

Meanwhile back in the real world, Yuuko discovers that MC is missing, but could only find her Digivice (the googles thing is actually a Digivice)