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Story Summary:

MC meet Yuugo, Yuuko’s older brother, who is also part of those who fell into the Eden Coma. Yuugo has been calling out to anyone, and the MC responded. The two talked (in the special network that Yuugo created), and the MC finds out that there is a piece of memory fragment of Yuugo in MC, thus MC was able to respond to his calls. Due to the memory fragment, MC have been seeing flashbacks, and the ‘digital spirit’ all these while. A silhouette of a Digimon comes to fetch MC, and Yuugo asks MC to tell the Yuuko, Nokia and Arata that he’s all right, and can stop searching for him. 

MC appears in the real world, where a week has passed. MC returns to office and updates the rest on what happened. Kyouko is nowhere to be seen. The news has been reporting that Hackers hacked into Eden server and caused this mess. The Human and Digital world have overlapped, and Digimon have been running loose. Matayoshi comes to find Arata, who is to be brought back to the police for ‘protection’. Arata refuses, summons Infermon, and escapes. 


2 thoughts on “Chapter 12 – Wandering

  1. Aster

    It’s not to continue looking for him; it’s probably to /not/ look for him (“sagasa…” -> “sagasanaide”), which makes sense given the ending


    1. toynanaka Post author

      Thanks for correcting the error! I must have wrongly recalled this part. Will change it when I get home



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