Chapter 2

Kyouko asks you to get her come coffee beans from the cafe on the 4th floor, and to also go around and introduce yourself to the major stores in Nakano Broadway. Go to the whiteboard on the right and accept the quests. Red quests are story missions. Do these to advance in the story
Do note that when u open up the map, only the pink areas are accessible. 3rd Floor has a bigger area to walk around due to Mandrake being there, the rest of the floors are mostly limited to the 2 short corridors. You can use either the lift, escalator, or the staircase to move around.
Medal Collector at 4th floor
Item shop and Chinese cuisine at 1st floor
Nokia at 2nd floor CD shop. She’s pretty worried about you
K-Cafe at 4th Floor. Head in to get the coffee beans for Kyouko.
Trading Card Shop at 2nd floor
After turning in the quest in the office, Kyouko asks to investigate Shinjuku when you appeared
Speak to these students at the top right hand of Shinjuku. Return to the office , listen about Account Hacking . Then head into Eden to enquire into the Hackers.
Speak to the various people in Eden with the locks, and get URL to Zaxon.
Go to Cron 1 , talk to these 2 guys for the URL to enter into Zaxon
Head over to Zaxon
Talk to everyone and become a member of Zaxon
Go to the Fireawll at Cron 1, unlock it and head into Cron 2
Press the first option whenever you meet these guys and go pass without a fight. Go through Cron 2 and fight the Boss.
Accept this quest
First go to Digilab and speak with Mirei, then go to Cron 2, find this person and battle him. Report back to Mirei after you’re done.
Accept the 2* red quest, and head around Clone area and speak with the people with locks on their head. Once you get a new keyword, head to Shinjuku


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Once at Shinjuku, head to the side street via the top left of the area, and speak wiih the people with the quest locks. 
Head out to make Shinjuku area, talk to this man to complete the quest
Back at office, Kyouko remarks the air conditioning is too cold for comfort
Investigate the leading air conditioning (water is supposed to be dripping)
Speak with the Master of the Cafe
Go back to office to accept the quest
Go back to the Cafe, and Connect Jump into the wall, and defeat a digimon

7 thoughts on “Chapter 2

  1. after talking to the people on the side street, walk to the main street and talk to the guy with the exclamation mark near the phone booth, and you’ll get teleported just to battle him,and you’re done


  2. I accepted the quest. I have talked to the kid, inspected the AC itself, saw the cutscene with the brown-haired woman. I don’t know what to do now, no exclamation marks.


  3. I completed the second red quest and the third is not showing up on the board. Do I need to complete the yellow one first?


    • Same here I have completed 6 green 1 blue 1 yellow and 2 red. I can’t find the 3rd red… Nothing is happening I’m pretty sure I should be in chapter 3…


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