Isn’t he cute?2015-04-01-115243

EXTREMELY ADORABLE2015-04-01-115416

Lopmon needs help to find Tokomon2015-04-01-120047

Head to Shibuya

Talk to Nokia

2015-04-01-120342Head to Eden 5 to find Tokomon sitting on Yuuko’s head

2015-04-01-120702Jump jump jump

Rest on the sofa2015-04-01-121605 2015-04-01-121651

Accept this quest2015-04-01-121742

Head to the new area, Ueno. You’ll end up going twice, and battling aother Digimon.2015-04-01-122616

Quest done.2015-04-01-122712

Speak to Nokia at 1F 2015-04-01-214753

Accept this quest2015-04-02-143248

You’ll appear in Shinjuku2015-04-02-220008

Visit this store

This store (it’s across the road, but just press O here)

And this dessert shop2015-04-02-232945

Quest completed.2015-04-02-232956

Head to Shibuya to find Nokia 

Story Summary:

Due to MC’s digital body, MC is able to see things far away (or even in the future) while sleeping, and helps the little girl and her Numemon and Elekidmon. MC brings Agumon and Gabumon around Shibuya to eat, busting Nokia’s wallet in the process but Yuuko comes to the rescue and pays for everything.


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