2015-03-30-134705 2015-03-30-135209

Head to Eden 5 2015-03-30-164250

Nokia ropes you in to give her member some special training. 2015-03-31-102520

Arata still disapproves of Nokia’s action, and speaks with you seperately about invading Valhalla Server together. Look for him at Eden 22015-03-31-102614

Head to Valhalla Server2015-03-31-112406

There are several important items such as Memory up and Farm Expansion, be sure to open all the chests.

Using Code scan on the locked data tells you which colour to place where. Use Copy and Paste to Paste the colours correctly to open up the path.

The answer to the puzzle is as seen


The answer to the puzzle is as seen



You might want to run back to DigiLab to prepare for 2 boss fights, and bring any Anti-Eater Digimon (Tailmon etc).


No Nokia that’s not Garurugreymon.2015-03-31-151119Look for Nokia at Zaxon Forum, where Omegamon will explain everything.

Story summary:

(I decided to include this for this chapter because this is where the plot gets serious. I might summarize the entire story, chapter by chapter if I can find the time)

Chapter 10
Yuugo announces that he will take back what Eden was meant for- a digital word where everyone was free to do what they want . As Hackers, they were not accepted in the digital society. He intends to reach Under Zero, a “Holy Land” , the original Digital Area where Hackers were free. But when Eden was release, Under Zero was absorbed into it and locked away. He leads his Zaxon members to Valhalla Server to unlock Under Zero.  
On the other hand, Rie purposely lowers the security of Valhalla Server to lure Yuugo and Zaxon in. Nokia, in the name of preventing Digimon misuse, follows Yuugo.
As the Main Character (MC) and Arata arrives at the entrance to Under Zero, they battled with Zaxon, and then attacked by Eaters. After the battles, they realised that Kamishiro was using them as an experiment to see if they could lure Eaters out by channeling large amounts of Digital Wave to one location. The experiment was a success, and many Hackers fell to the Eaters attacks, but a ghostly form of Yuugo’s brother arrived and the Eaters backed away.
The next scene shows Yuuko in a machine, and Rie reveals that machine allows her to create an avatar to log into Eden, and she was using Yuuko’s memories to create the Avatar ‘Yuugo’, and this ‘Yuugo’ was leading the Hackers to do as Rie wishes
Chap 11 
Omegamon explains to MC that Eaters are are tracking the Digital World (DW), and since Eaters live on Data, the DW is essentially an entire feeding ground. To maintain balance, DW’s Yggdrasil determined Eaters were born from Eden, because negative human emotions were transforming into data as they enter Eden, giving birth to Eaters  
Omegamon (one of the Royal Knights  and guardian of the DW) came to this world as Agumon and Gabumon because it had much smaller data size compared to Omegamon,  but did not expect to lose their memories. Omegamon informs MC that the Royal Knights were set to attack this world to eliminate Eaters altogether, but Omegamon thinks they shouldn’t be destroying one world to save another. Omegamon also mentions that Kamishiro’s experiments might be a result of some form of mind control by the rest of the Royal Knights who wants to destroy the human world.
Back at office, Kyouko deduces that Kamishiro is running Digital Waves along ancient ley lines, (which forms a circle if seen on a map) to converge them at one spot to open up the Door between Digital and human world, and that the Eden Spots (yellow machines ) were to be used as the converging point for each area.  Yuuko is required by Kamishiro to run the machine (hidden underground in Roppongi, as they found out from MC’s data log when you Jumped in) Arata goes off to create create a simultaneous blackout at all the areas to make an opening to allow MC and Nokia to rescue Yuuko.

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    1. Larry

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      1. toynanaka Post author

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    1. toynanaka Post author

      You’re welcome, glad that you found it useful. Seeing everyone’s words of thanks is enough for me, please continue to enjoy the game, and the rest of the Digimon franchise! Looking forward to the Cybersleuth sequel that was announced a while back.



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