Hacker’s Memory now on sale!

Hacker’s Memory (HM) just released recently, so I’ll be back to translate some data. I wouldn’t be doing a walkthrough for HM as it is fairly straightforward. Some of the things I plan to do are as follows:

-FAQ for new players
-Data dump for Hacker’s Memory including stuff like Memory location, Farm upgrades,
-Update Support skill for new digimon
-Update Guide to DigiLab to include changes for HM
-HM Victory Uchida locations

Ultimately they are things that I will simply translate from various JP sites with some of my own inputs because i’m still slowly playing the game xP


I love red cloaks

Also if you love the Cyber Sleuth/Hacker’s Memory, please support it by buying a copy! Sales are a bit underwhelming for a Digimon title. The producer expressed on his twitter that it ‘is an uphill battle for sales’ (Twitter). Granted, 40k sales on first week is decent, but not good enough for a long running franchise. We would all want for another sequel for this series don’t we?

Check back often for some Hacker’s Memory update!


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