Title Screen



Insert player name


Eden 1 (Eden Entrance) – Talk to everyone, then you will be allowed to use the teleport circle to teleport to Eden 2 (Eden Community Area)


Go to Eden 2 Community Area


Talk to this man in business suit,. Obviously it is a good idea to talk to anyone with things above their heads.


Head back to Eden 1 and talk to this guy in hoodie, and he will give you the URL to Clone 1 – Karakuda Garden.


Teleport to Cron Lvl 1


Pick your starter Digimon, and fight your way out of the area.


And have your data body picked up by Kyouko. Connect Jump into the TV


After you arrive in Eden, talk to everyone, and you will be called to the DigiLab


Go around Cron area to pick up your data fragments. After collecting all 4, walk back the way you did and log out. 


You’ll automatically return to the office, then whisked off to the Hospital


Go to the different floors at the hospital. You will need to go to the top most floor, speak to the guards, and Kyouko will ask you to get in via some other way


Go to the 2nd floor and Connect Jump in. Watch the cutscene at the 3rd floor, and the story advances to Chapter 2


7 thoughts on “Prologue + Chapter 1

  1. Wei Jie

    Hi! I am very grateful for ur guide as it has helped me tremendously in the game! But do u know where i will be able to claim the black agumon and gabumon that i had claimed using the DLC?


    1. toynanaka Post author

      Hi there! You’re welcome, glad to know it helped yet another player! You can claim it from a woman outside the office. You will need enough Party memory and space.


  2. Tippy

    Hey I had a question i got all the data fregments, but it never transferred me back to her office or the hospital . I’m just stuck in level one with no where to go. Please help


  3. Nicholas Viney

    Any info of New Game+ and what happens to the original game and things like that is it like chrono trigger’s New Game+ where u restart the game with everything like you end previous play through with?



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