Chapter 20 From the New World


Smply proceed forward, down the tower into Yggdrasil’s core, defeating all the guardians. As usual, once you see the entrance to DigiLan, save and heal up, because the final boss fight is right after!2015-04-09-215955 2015-04-09-222241 2015-04-09-222408


And that’s the end of the game! Here’s a list of things you can do post game:

-Complete the Royal Knights quest

-Complete 7 Demon Lord Quest

-Complete Offline Colossuem

-Complete your DigiDex


10 thoughts on “Chapter 20 From the New World

  1. Xeogran

    Hello! Is there a way to get Yggdrasil? Yeah I doubt so but it’s worth giving a shot.
    Or atleast any place to rebattle it?


    1. toynanaka Post author

      I would most probably be doing translations for the Mega Digimons’ Passive and Signature skill. I wont be doing guides for side quest, but you can look up video guides at youtube, for example HowDaGame has most of the side quests guide uploaded.


      1. Shika

        Hi. Sorry for bothering you again, but I was wondering why didn’t you summarize the story on the last chapters?


  2. Sealtest

    Thank you for all the time you put into making this. I got lost half way through the game and this walkthrough helped me out a bunch. ❤



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