2015-04-02-233007 2015-04-03-151702

Find Duftmon at Akihabara
2015-04-03-151751 2015-04-03-183108 2015-04-03-183712

Chika requests for help2015-04-03-184738

Go to Central Hospital

Speak with Yuuko for cutscene2015-04-03-192119

Speak with Nurse to ask about Yamashina, Chika’s father2015-04-03-192201

Speak with this boy to find out Yamashina is in the common ward2015-04-03-192257Enter the right door at the far end


Enter Yamashina’s memory and defeat the Digimon at the end2015-04-03-204905

Matayoshi SOS2015-04-03-205027

Head to Shinjuku2015-04-03-210338

Find him here, then enter the Railway Station2015-04-03-2109482015-04-03-213836

End of chapter

Story Summary:

Omegamon suggests that we find and speak to the other Royal Knights that are around the area, see if they would join their cause of eliminating Eaters and not the entire Human world.

At Akihabara, they find Duftmon and Dynasmon insisting on destroying the Human world simply based on the fact that Eaters spawned from the Human world.  It was Duftmon’s plan to send Lordknightmon to the Human world and open a path for the Royal Knights to enter. Dukemon appears, agreeing with Omegamon that they should eliminate the source instead. They spread out to find the other Royal Knights.

Chika comes to put in a request to help her Father who is hospitalized and spouting things like “I’ve betrayed Kamishiro” and “that incident from 8 years ago”. MC heads to Central Hospital to find Chika’s Father. There, Yuuko brings you to see her brother, which strengthens her resolve to solve this mystery.  MC and Yuuko meets Chika’s father, Yamashina, at the hospital, who requests to be brought to the Underground Facility. There, he remembers that he was part of the research group, along with Suedo, who successfully develop how to transform the human mind into data.  They also set up the beta test for Eden. But Yamashina can’t remember anything as Suedo sealed his memories away. Using the machine and MC Jumping in to destroy the protection (the protection evolved into a Digimon), Yamashina recalls everything. 

During the closed beta test 8 years ago, Yamashina was part of Nile Corperation, which was already bought over Kamishiro.  Yamashina and Suedo were the lead for the closed beta test, and an accident happened. – 5 children who participated came down with ”disturbance of consciousness” (aka went insane. The term used was 意識障害) .  4 of the kids regained sanity, 1 of the kids remained in a coma., and that kid is Yuugo. Suedo was fascinated by the tales that the 4 kids were recounting, things they saw after they turned insane, then sealed away the memory of this incident on the other 4 kids. The accident was covered up and the close beta was considered a success. Yamashina requested his memories of this entire incident to be sealed up again as he couldn’t accept his failure, and MC agrees. 

After sending Yamashina back to his apartment, Matayoshi requests for help in Shinjuku, where he is being attacked by an Eater. Matayoshi asks MC to help kill the Eaters in the railway station and MC heads in. Inside, MC finds Arata, who’s helping people who escaped into the station and trapped by the Eaters there.  At the end,  they find Suedo, very intrigued by Eaters. Suedo explains that Eaters are simply consuming data to survive and evolve. Since the Eaters can eat and tear open the hole in the dimensions between the Human and Digital world, Suedo worked together with Kishibe. Suedo invites Arata to join him in bringing the world to a new stage by evolving it, baiting him by saying since the Digital and Human world is overlapped, they can rewrite what happens in this world using programs. Arata agrees, and goes off with Suedo. 


3 thoughts on “Chapter 14 WHAT IS A YOUTH

  1. Henrry Villamil

    Thanks for your help! Been waiting for the encounter with the Royal Knights! Any leads about the “great quests” to obtain their data? My team is AeroV-dramon, DoruGreymon and MegaloGrowmon and neither can evolve cause that “great quest [number]” condition to their Royal Knight form u.u


    1. toynanaka Post author

      Hi there! You will need to clear the game once, and talk to Mirei at the DigiLan where she will give you the Royal Knight’s quest 1 by 1.



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