Guide to Digibank


1) Move Digimon

2) Evolve / De-volve

3) Digimon Load

4) DigiConvert

5)Return to Data

Digimon Status

2015-03-24-170031Press Triangle over any Digimonto see their status. Below is an explanation for each stat.

種族 Attribute Attribute of this Digimon
属性 Element Element of this Digimon
成長段階 Level Digi-evolution Level of this Digimon
消費メモリ Memory Needed Memory space needed for this Digimon when placed in Party
HP HP Health points
SP SP Skill Points
攻撃力 Attack Affects the ‘Attack’ Command and Physical Spells
防御力 Defence Affects damage taken
知力 Intelligence Affects Magic Spells and damage taken from Magic spells
素早さ Speed Affects how often this Digimon can move
才能 Potential Affects Evolution paths and Maximum stats
友情 Friendship Affects Evolution paths
個性 Personality Affects Special Training / Development / Scouting in Digifarm
EXP EXP EXP required to level up
装備品 Equipment Current equipment

Move Digimon

Moves Digimon between the facilities, namely
パーティーデジモン:Party Digimon

ファーム島1~5:Farm Islands 1~5


Evolve / De-volve


Here you can Digivolve/De-volve your Digimons.

Moving your cursor over a Digimon shows you the requirements. In this case, the above Digimon requires

Level 60, 1700 HP, 145 Attack, 120 Defence,40 Potential, Completed quest “偉大なる挑戦 6”

Here is a quick breakdown of which stat is which

レベル Level
攻撃力 Attack
防御力 Defence
知力 Intelligence
素早さ Speed
才能 Potential
友情 Friendship

In addition, there are some extra requirements that certain Digimon require. These are usually for Jogress, Digi-Armuor Evolution, or Mode Change.

These would include
-Another specific digimon for Jogress Evolution

-A quest to be completed

-A Digi-Armor

-An item

Whenever you Evolve / De-volve a Digimon, it gains Potential, and it’s maximum level is increased. Potential also increases the cap for the Digimon’s enhanced stat (the numbers in the brackets).

Regarding enhanced stat and Potential

The numbers you see in the brackets are the enhanced stats, either from an equipment or from farm training. Some digimon will require a lot of enhanced stats before they can evolve (e.g. Lucemon), and as such you will need to leave it at the Farm to enhance it’s stats. A Digimon’s enhanced stats upper limit starts off at 50, then slowly grows to 100. Below is a simple table to show roughly how it works.

(Note that the stats in the brackets from equipment do not count towards evolution requirements, so remember to unequip all your items to check how much stats you actually have)

Formula for Enhanced stats upper limit=
50 + (Potential /2)
Potential Enhanced Stats Upper Limit
0 50
50 75
100 100

(Please note that stat gain for HP is by the 10s, and for other stats is by the 1s.)


Let’s take my Agumon for example.  It has 20 Potential, which works out to be a total of 50 + 20/2 = 60 total enhanced stats.

HP 90/10
SP 18
Atk 9
Def 8
Int 8
Spd 8
Total 60

Remember while calculating enhanced stats, you need to divide your enhanced HP by 10, since HP stat enhancement is by the 10s

There, it works out nicely!

You can increase Friendship by allowing that Digimon to participate in battle (reserve slots DO NOT COUNT), feeding it various Meat in the DigiFarm , or using the item called Friendship or Friendship DX (フレンドシップ/フレンドシップDX). It’s a green item with a disk icon with FP. Using it on any Digimon will increase it’s Friendship. Normal one increases by 10, DX increases by 25.

To increase a stat of the Digimon, do any of the following:

-Increase it’s level

-Change it’s Personality by using the XXパッチ item (purchased from Eden 1 , costs 250 yen)

-Leave the Digimon in the Digifarm for Special Training with the appropiate Leader and Farm Goods (E.g. a Leader with Attack personality and Sandbag サンドバッグ Farm Good)


2015-03-25-143834DigiLoad is the process of feeding Digimons to one main Digimon to make the main Digimon gain exp based on the stage and level of the Digimon being used as tribute. Here you see MetalGreymon as the base Digimon, and PlatinumSukamon, BlackKingNumemon and BlackWeregarurumon being used as tribute.

Select up to 5 Digimon as food, then press Square to feed.

This is a good way use those 200% scans that you don’t plan to use. Convert the Digimon, leave them in the Farm to gain some levels, then feed them all to your main.

(BTW above pic is an example, I did not feed away my EXP machines)


2015-03-24-170147DigiConvert is how you will obtain new Digimon. Whenever you enter battle, you will automatically Scan the Digimon being encountered (Wild or Hacker). Once it reaches 100%, you can Convert them into Digimon for your own use.

Scan can reach a max of 200%. If you Convert a Digimon above 100%, it will get 1 potential every 20% above 100. e.g. Converting a Digimon at 160% will get you a Digimon with 3 Potential.

Return to Data

Choose a Digimon to return it to Scan data. You will get 100% Scan for every Digimon returned this way.

This is mainly to get 200% so you can Convert it with 5 Potential. Use this to free up space in your DigiBank.


18 thoughts on “Guide to Digibank

  1. Aykut

    Hello. I need help with getting Lucemon (Rookie), Magnamon, Rapidmon (the alternate, orange version) and lastly Shakkoumon’s evolutions. I meet most of the requirements, but the stats with 120, 130 or 140 are hard to fulfill and ı don’t know which stats those are. Can you help me, please?


  2. toynanaka Post author

    レベル Level
    最大HP HP
    最大SP SP
    攻撃力 Attack
    防御力 Defence
    知力 Intelligence
    素早さ Speed
    才能 Potential
    友情 Friendship

    First, use this table to figure out which stat you need.

    Then head over to here, scroll to Farm Goods. Install the Appropriate farm goods at the Farm (EG. Tokomon – Lucemon requires Intelligence, so chuck a few Study Tables スタディルーム, and set a Smart personality digimon as your leader, then start training!)


    1. toynanaka Post author

      Hi, there is no way to increase the number of equipment slots. They are fixed. Digimon which cost lesser memory generally have more equip slots.


  3. KommanderSenpai

    How do you increase the memory? The number that gets filled depending on your digimon? Like, mine’s at 25 right now, and it’s full, with 4 digimon in it. It’s for my “party”.


    1. toynanaka Post author

      You will need to use the item Memory Up (DX). It will always be the first item in your consumable.


    1. toynanaka Post author

      知力 Intelligence Affects Magic Spells and damage taken from Magic spells

      素早さ Speed Affects how often this Digimon can move



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