Note: The chapter title reminds me of the Digimon movie Our War Game so much I couldn’t help but pun it

2015-03-28-204827 2015-03-28-204940

Kamishiro Enterprise is launching a new big update for Eden, and the gang intends to use it’s opening demo to sneak into the Avalon Server, a top security area to obtain info. Arata and yourself enter in disguises using a modified version of Stealth Hide 2015-03-29-102236

Connect Jump in on the left side2015-03-29-102728


Proceed with a Vaccine type in your team

Decoding the encrypted data will tell you what colour is needed. It’s red. Copy it from the Red data at the back2015-03-29-153039 2015-03-29-153821

The next area requires Blue on the left, Green on the Right.

Obtain her Moe Moe Diary2015-03-29-171832

Yuuko wonders if there’s anything on her Father in the stolen data

Head to Cron 1 to find one of Nokia’s new member

This Rebellion’s member, Yasu, wants to help Nokia. Accept the quest “Bolster the Nokia Forces!” 2015-03-29-173458 2015-03-29-173716

Speaking to him again at Cron 1, and he declares that he has a crush on Nokia.

Look for Nokia, once at Cron 1, another time at Cron 2. Mini-boss fight.2015-03-29-233913 2015-03-30-101600

Quest completed2015-03-30-102433

Accept the quest “La missel” 2015-03-30-102509

Meet Yuugo at Zaxon Forum2015-03-30-102629

Have a nice chat with him at this Bench2015-03-30-103435

Find the Rebellions member at Cron 4 when you receive that call for help.

Mini-boss fight.2015-03-30-103915

Quest complete.2015-03-30-125252

Look for Ryota at the cafe2015-03-30-125349

Ryota wants to know what he should give Sakura who’s going to be discharged soon (and confess to her at the same time)2015-03-30-125626 2015-03-30-125640

Speak to Nokia at Shinjuku, then Arata at Akihabara, then Yuuko at Kamishiro Enterprise.
(I never thought I would see the term OTP in a game lol)2015-03-30-134405 2015-03-30-134646

And the chapter rounds up by Ryota deciding to get a present which signifies his feelings.


5 thoughts on “Chapter 9 Our Great War Plan!

  1. Noire

    It would be nice to note that after solving the puzzles on Avalon Server, there’s an Eater fight. That was one hell of a surprise…


  2. khffbleach9

    What do I do if I accidentally chosen Arata after I talked to Ryota at again. My friend made me mess up.


      1. khffbleach9

        Never mind I figured it out. So basically when you accept Ryota’s request it gives you options on who you can talk to. Nokia, Arata, and Yukon, and depending on who you pick you get a keyword and you have to find them. I had already talked to Nokia and was going on to Yuko when my weird friend showed up being all weird for me and I accidentally choose Arata for my second option. Luckily I was able to find him and proceed to Yuko so I’m all good. Thanks anyways.


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